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Baseball teams wear throwback uniforms all of the time, but it's not very often that a team honors its former city. The Washington Nationals have decided to do it this season, wearing old Montreal Expos unis for a game next month. What's the point of doing this? Nationals fans aren't going to care about old Expos memories, and Expos fans aren't going to be particularly happy about it. If, for example, the Thunder decided to be the Sonics for a game, the city of Seattle would lose its collective mind. The city is already losing its mind over our current baseball team and the continued rebuild, which is why we've turned to the farm system for a ray of hope. Today, we talk with West Virginia Power voice David Kahn about the prospects making an impact for the Mariners' A class affiliate: Julio Rodriguez, Jake Anchia, and more. On Something Good, there's a spot open for the Mayor of Maple Valley Open, and next week, we'll auction it off.

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