Furness H2 - Attendance in baseball slipping / Ifedi's fifth-year option not picked up / Dennis Dodd on his Top 25 / Softy


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Attendance in baseball is slipping this year, with some teams' attendance falling more than 10 percent. What can baseball do to grow the sport? It doesn't help that certain teams get all the attention, and only a handful of teams can compete every year. Maybe new stadiums should be built smaller to induce demand. Breaking news: The Seahawks have declined to pick up Germain Ifedi's fifth-year option. Dennis Dodd released his Post-Spring Football Top 25 and four Pac-12 teams made the list. Is the conference turning things around? We talk with him about the state of the conference. Texts react to the conversation about players being paid in college. Softy sets up the afternoon show.

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