Amanpour: Beth Cameron, Stanley McChrystal, David Urban and Jennifer Doudna


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With more nations around the world going under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 President Trump says they would be doing well to keep U.S. deaths under 100,000. Beth Cameron, the Vice President for the Global Biological Policy Nuclear Threat Initiative, joins Christiane Amanpour to give her take on this global crisis and how we are and aren't dealing with it. As a former NSC senior director for global health security and biodefense she quite literally wrote the Pandemic playbook - but she explains why the White House aren't using it. Stanley McChrystal, the former Commander of International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan, weighs in and discusses why we need a leader who brings people together at this time. He argues that the U.S. haven't yet managed to harness all its potential in fighting this pandemic. Whilst cases of infected and death tolls rise around the world the 2020 election campaign has lost traction. David Urban, senior adviser for the Trump 2020 Campaign, argues for cross-party co-operation in these unprecedented times. Our Walter Isaacson talks to Jennifer Doudna, leading biochemist at UC Berkeley and co-founder of CRISPR gene editing technology, about why she is adapting her university biology lab to help fight Coronavirus. She believes the key to that fight is through rigorous testing and hopes to use CRISPR in the search for a cure and prevention.

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