Amanpour: Nancy McEldowney, James Baker, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Frankel


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Nancy McEldowney, former Director of the U.S. Foreign Service Institute, and James Baker, former FBI General Counsel join Christiane Amanpour to unpack the latest developments in the ongoing impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. Mark Ruffalo, actor in new film "Dark Waters," and Rob Bilott, the lawyer who Ruffalo plays in "Dark Waters," reflect on working together in this new project. Bilott took on the chemical company Dupont after one of its West Virginia plants leaked a chemical known as PFO into the water supply. Our Walter Isaacson sits down with Adam Frankel, President Obama's former speechwriter and author of "The Survivors," to discuss his search for truth after uncovering a traumatic secret in his family. via Knit

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