Amanpour: Russ Feingold, Mia Love, Rory Stewart and George Church


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Russ Feingold, former Senate Democrat, and Mia Love, former House Republican, join Christiane Amanpour to dig down into the latest developments in Washington. As former Democratic favorite Kamala Harris drops out of the 2020 Presidential race and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces that the house will draw up articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, they give their take on why recent events have unfolded as they have and the likely next steps of the big political players. Rory Stewart, the former British Conservative MP, talks about the urgent need to bring politics back to the center and why he's throwing his hat into the ring for London Mayor. From signaling issues on the Piccadilly line, to knife crime in the capital, he highlights key issues and how he hopes to solve them, should he replace current Mayor Sadiq Khan. Our Walter Isaacson sits down with George Church, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, to discuss his extraordinary work that ranges from growing human organs to resurrecting long extinct animals. He addresses the potential that genetic engineering holds, but also the ethical issues it poses. via Knit

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