10/18 ~ C View The Secret Power of You! Trick your Procrastination Out the Door


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Join Terrie Christine on C View Quantum Network for The Secret Power of You! The best series that will help you focus your attention on those areas where blocks are easier to be found. Do you want to be part of the show and experience firsthand how easy it is to remove your unwanted blocks? For only $11 you can jump our long list of callers and get first please find #TAKEMYCALL form on Terrie Christine's page: http://www.cview1111.net/terrie-christine-show.html Below is the full list of topics for 2019. Feb 8 - Creating Relationships that Fit - replay http://tobtr.com/11168997 May – Unleashing Magical Moments - replay: http://tobtr.com/11180917 Aug 9 - Love Stinks! Clear the Air for Your Perfect Mate - replay http://tobtr.com/1119173 Oct 8 - Trick Your Procrastination Out The Door - http://tobtr.com/11521883 After years of mastering intuition and energy work and having helped thousands of people the world over, Terrie Christine synthesizes for listeners how lasting transformations occur, so that you too can begin taking the first steps towards creating the life you dream of. Hack into your intuition and transmute blocks Experience One-on-One (or group) energy clearings Detect and identify what it is you need in your life and then learn techniques to do it for yourself. Discover how to manifest in the NOW Raise your vibration into a new blueprint of creation Engage in the techniques of energy healing and enhance your hidden powers Enrich the shift of energy within your physical being Receive ThetaStream free to contact Terrie Christine outside the show: Website: www.terriechristine.com ?Twitter: @terriechristine Facebook: /terriechristine333

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