112: Pop Punk with Nealo


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Dublin rapper Nealo joins Alan and guest co-host Andrea Cleary to talk about his teenage love of pop punk. We talk about the supremacy of Blink 182, wishing you went to an American high school, the incelly vibe to a LOT of the lyrics, the differences between Dublin scene kids and rural scene kids, Blast, and a whole lot more.

Listening note: Alan's dogs were in the room while he was recording so you can occasionally hear a soft bark or snore, sorry about that. Also this episode was recorded over zoom and everybody drifts a lil bit in and out of sync sometimes. We're not being rude and talking over each other, we're all just trying out best.

Nealo is @NellydaSilla on Twitter. His debut album All The Leaves Are Falling is out Oct 30th.

Andrea is @AndreaCeary_. You can hear her on the Nialler9 podcast and subscribe to her newsletter at andreacleary.substack.com

Alan is @alan_maguire. Juvenalia is his main thing.

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