DBT 0306: Stephen Spignesi – Stephen King, American Master


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Wow, this is the most exhaustive book about Stephen King I have ever seen, and what a pleasure to talk to the author, Stephen Spignesi.

Stephen King, American Master includes everything you need to know about King’s books, his fans, what writers inspired him and where some of the ideas for his books came from.

Where would the world be without this master of horror?

And he not only has mastered horror, but the English language also. He really knows how to tell a story, and not always gory like people always think. We talk about that for sure during the interview. I can hardly wait for the next King novel, and the movie “It” which came out recently made a ton of money.

So now so many thing he has written are now being considered for movies or TV. The only things he has written that I haven’t read is the Dark Tower series. Am i missing something here? Maybe so.

What a pleasure to meet a fellow King lover. And he knows so much and has so many opinions. And I thought I was the only one who didn’t like The Tommyknockers.

I so enjoyed this interview that i didn’t want it to end. HAVE fun listening to it.

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