DBT 0316: Craig Johnson – Next to Last Stand (A Longmire Mystery)


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Such an Enjoyable Mystery Series

This is one of the most enjoyable mystery series I am reading today.

And there is a TV show, Longmire, that goes along with it–six seasons worth of episodes!

Craig Johnson is simply one of my very favorite people in the whole author community.

Johnson, who lives in a town of 25 people, writes books that make me laugh and keep me in suspense, and that have been an enjoyable part of my life for over 16 years. He is so engaging and fun, and what a sense of humor.

How does he do it? I can hardly wait for the next book. There are some series that drag, and that I take my time reading, but the Walt Longmire series is not to be missed.

Oh…there is a surprise mystery guest in the background during the interview. You will have to listen to see who it is.

As usual, it is a pleasure to talk to this man, I love him to death, and he is hard at work on the next book which makes me very happy. A truly gifted and funny human being.

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