DBT 311: Randy L. Schmidt – Carpenters: An Illustrated Discography


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This is one of the most beautiful books I have seen in a while, and you learn so much about The Carpenters and the music.

The color pictures are stunning, to say the least.

Randy Schmidt is so smart and so interesting, and he knows so much about the Carpenters. This is an hour and a bit more interview, and every moment for me was interesting.

Who doesn’t love Karen’s voice? I find myself listening to her music so much. Such beautiful songs, and Randy owns every one of them.

He really is a great guy and so interesting. You will hear him interviewed at the school where he works. Let him tell you all about the Carpenters, the book, and what he is working on next.

He previously wrote a book called Little Girl Blue….and who do you think that was about? You guessed it, Karen Carpenter.

I hope you enjoy the interview. I certainly did, in a big way. I had so many questions and you will hear them all answered. What a treat to do this interview…wow.

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