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Our Featured Atheist for the week is Cass Midgley. Cass earned his Masters in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt in 2013…as an atheist. But that’s not where his infatuation with God began. As a boy, he knew there was a God; the two were close, personal friends. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Cass walked right into Christianity. As a teen, he discovered there were many Christianities. He was determined to find the right one, and if he couldn't, he would start it. Throughout his undergrad career in the '80s, he found that he could twist and turn the creeds of Christianity to meet his own unorthodox theories, but it was clear he had to keep those to himself in order appear in lock-step with the organization. Plus, there was something about millions of believers over thousands of years creating countless seminaries, churches, books, and music that dwarfed the speculations of a little nobody from rural Oklahoma. Besides, Christianity gave him a great life: purpose, friends, community, hope, etc. Why would anyone want to burst that bubble? Cass is an incredible person with a lot of insight about how those of us who leave the faith feel so far behind. Luke and Cass both had similar experiences at Church Camp so you won't want to miss that!To listen to Everyone's Agnostic just go to your podcast platform and type in "Everyone's Agnostic" You can also visit their website at: http://www.everyonesagnostic.com/We have another great edition of Heretics, Heathens, and High Praise. This week features the Catholic Church and actual Atheist Pastor, well she's a pastor who is an Atheist, and some amazing pillows for your religious friends and family.Luke and Tami open the show talking about a new study that was recently published suggesting that children raised by same sex parents actually do better in school, you know religious people are pissed about that one.Check out the religious pillows at: https://heretichappyhour.com/store/Valentine's Day is coming! Visit https://www.invisiblepinkunicorn.com/ to get a pendant for the sexy stylish atheist in your life.To nominate someone to have good fortune bestowed upon them visit: https://youratheistpastor.org/yap-relief-fund/Visit our website for more information on contributing to the show and donating to the YAP relief fund: https://youratheistpastor.org/giveIf you're looking for a loving and supportive community consider joining the YAPPERS, our private facebook group dedicated to making sure you feel supported, loved, and encouraged. To fill out the questions go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/183085855616010/

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