The Art of Enrollment with Eli Wilde


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In This Episode:

  • What defines your life are the big emotional moments, but find out why that’s true and how you can use your emotional influences to impact others
  • Getting your client from ‘unconvinced’ to ‘on board’: How to deflate client objections and magnify the value of your services
  • The one thing you MUST avoid in all sales calls: Why your clients are backing out before the sale has even started
  • How to use the tandem of logic and emotion to get people to buy into your sale and connect with your value
  • Use these 9 questions to increase your sales by delivering solutions instead of products
  • 2 ways to frame your client’s situation as an opportunity for growth and your services as the means of growth and how to avoid manipulation in your sale
  • Sales and business is 80% mindset, so hear how to make your client question their stability without you instead of questioning your ability to provide value to them
  • The acronym that will completely change the way you approach a sales call


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