E173: That'll Do, Pig


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Here's a little behind the scenes tidbit: this episode was supposed to be a Patreon bonus episode, but the conversation was too relevant not to post as a regular episode. Also, Erin and Nicole want everyone to know what a POS Nathan Bedford Forrest was. Maybe you haven't heard of him? Real quick, not only was Forrest a Confederate Army General (aka a LOSER), he was also the first Grand Wizard of the KKK (yep, that checks out). And guess what? There are a LOT of statues, parks, schools and the like STILL named after this racist taint. Like, right now, in 2020. Shouldn't we take down and/or rename that crap, along with all of the other statues, parks, schools, army bases, etc that celebrate any of this country's long line of racist, old sh*tbags?!

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