A cook-book customized to your personal needs?!


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How looking at the whole picture of your health challenges and goals can paralyze you into doing nothing. And introducing, The Seed, by VanLee.

My friend and amazing chef has come up with an incredible concept, creating a customized cook book designed around your gut healthy needs. And she's offering a special deal for our listeners.

Hi ! Im Chef Vanessa Lee creator of TheSeedbyVanlee, I am from Mexico City and have been a professional chef for 15 years, my passion is to create recipes that will help people reach their food and health goals. In the past I was affected by the results of bad food choices creating as a result anxiety, overweight, acid reflux, bloating, lethargy and bad mood. After much research I decided to try eating better, exercising and leaving aside foods that cause inflammation and leaky gut, as a result I got back my energy, good mood and the feeling of well being. After this my mission is to relentlessly try to help people with similar issues learn how to cook or get better regardless of their cooking skills. I have a program where I create a personalized recipe book with each clients tastes and preferences and I personally help them work through it on a weekly face to face online coaching be it to cook, talk about the recipes, better their cooking skills etc. It is my passion to help people in their healing process by eating better, saving money on takeouts and inform as many people as possible on all the possible options that are out there to have an amazing life.

Contact theseedbyvanlee@gmail.com for more details.

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