Ep 101 – Baiju Solanki: Changing The Game at 49 Years Young


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On this week’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, I speak to RNT client Baiju Solanki, who as of today’s release, has just turned 49kg, is down 20kg, and in the shape of his life, having just completed a photoshoot to mark the occasion! I love it when someone like Baiju comes along, as he puts all excuses to bed. Despite balancing being a father to three children, a thriving business, speaking all over the country, and being on the cusp of 50, he’s managed to completely transform his body and change his life this year. Incidentally, he was our first joiner of 2019, as he decided to mark the New Year and start the year right by signing up at midnight, and making a commitment to himself to transform. Fast forward 10 months, and he’s hit his first check point, and in today’s episode, we talk about his why behind starting, the benefits he’s experienced as he’s worked through the phases. We then shift gears and talk about his three step process to changing your game for the better, why most people fail, and why time and being ‘busy’ is an excuse. Given his extensive experience in mindset coaching, there were some real golden nuggets here anyone can apply to take their life to the next level

‘’I love excuses, as much as I can destroy them’’

Baiju Solanki

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1.48 – Baiju’s writing process

2.40 – Photoshoot countdown

7.25 – Chef Baiju

9.14– What triggered the start?

11.22 – Being the first client to sign up in 2019

13.03 – Cleaning the palate phase

15.27 – Are you busy?

18.45 – Health markers

22.03 – The photoshoot

25.07 – Not intimidated by the gym

26.06 – Changing your game

27.59 – Inner game

28.40 – The game plan

30.19 – Action

31.44 – The why behind the why

33.22 – The biggest road block for most people

36.12 – Social stigmas

37.39 – How to develop a winning mindset

40.47 – The last ten months

45.45 – Emotional eating

48.13 – What next for Baiju?

50.04 – One tip for anyone starting the process


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