Ep 105 – Ed Pilkington: Mastering The Art of the Check In & The RNT Transformation Journey


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Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio and today I’m joined by fellow RNT Coach Ed Pilkington, who comes on to share his journey in the industry, while also talking about the intricacies and art of the perfect check in. We go through the RNT check in check list, and discuss what makes a good check in, what you need to be including, and what Ed’s biggest pet peeves are.

We also discuss the importance of looking at the entire journey ahead of you when you first start, and why the initial fat loss transformation is only the start, and is where the real work begins. If you want to get in the shape of your life, for life, you have to nail the Consolidation period, and then put the hard work in the Investment phase to truly accomplish not only your ideal physique, but to have a real lifestyle solution to go with it. This is a big episode, and I can’t wait for you to listen to it.

“Waiting for the perfect time isn’t going to happen, you just need to get going’’

Ed Pilkington

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1.06 – The dad bod

1.41 – Life since becoming a parent

4.02 – Ed’s hack productivity hacks

6.54 – The keys to phase 1

9.50 – The art of the check in

12.25 – The check in checklist

15.42 – The seven faces of online coaching

25.53 – Rapid fire questions on check in process

26.19 – Biggest pet peeve during a check in

29.01 – Being the enabler

30.51 – What faces are coaches missing?

33.51 – Spending money on courses

35.19 – Improving your education during the process

38.17 – Who is Ed Pilkington?

40.15 – Love for rugby

42.31 – Getting in the PT game

44.40 – Strength and conditioning background

47.46 – Working in Dubai

49.36 – Living in Belfast

53.29 – One tip for anyone in their transformation journey


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