215: Your Worst Enemy


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YOUR WORST ENEMY Have you ever heard the expression, you are your worst enemy? You've heard it and probably have said it. This episode explores that expression that many of us regard as innocent. We take a close look at how those words impact our lives, and, often, steal our happiness. We also look at how "You are your worst enemy" is a narrative built on other narratives. The goal of this episode is to raise your awareness about the stories that are all too familiar to us that we tell ourselves daily, stories that are actually deadly. Specifically, the episode focuses on three distinct narrative and areas of our lives: Achievement and the narratives of self sabotage that undermine it Personal relationships and defensive narratives that prevent intimacy and growth Financial stories that keep us safe and well within our comfort zone I offer you the challenge to question all the stories that keep you safe and comfortable, and ultimately prevent true growth and happiness.

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