119: Using Keto In Cancer Treatment: Creating The Structure


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Perhaps the most requested topic in regards to keto (after weight loss and reversing diabetes) is about Keto and its effects on various cancers.

This is the first of a 7 part series on keto and cancer where I talk about how it’s being used in general and what I would do if I had cancer. I go over a recommended structure, various labs I would do and request to have done on myself, what a daily routine would look like, and what I would expect from my collaborating physicians, and therapist that would participate in my healing.

There’s plenty to talk about on this topic and the goal is to not only break down some of the concepts of cancer and where the ketogenic diet/lifestyle would fit in, but create a sequence of podcasts that can become a suitable reference for anyone needing this information.
To be clear, there is no such thing as a unanimous agreement on where and how keto should be used as a cancer therapy medically. That, no doubt, will add a layer of uncertainty in terms of its implementation.


Dr. Karl Goldkamp
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