EP37: Dan Norris gets the Claff


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Imagine building a product for a whole year, and then deciding to try something new on a whim. You build it in a weekend, and in 4 days you already have your first paying customer.

Find out what happens next: this is part 2 with Dan Norris of Inform.ly and WP Curve.


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Notable quotes

“I realized with my first business, that I’d built something that didn’t scale.”

“I also realized, that I don’t want to do sales. I don’t get energy from going out and doing sales.”

“My co-founder calls himself the Claff, which kind of sounds like an STD.”

“Wait a second; are you allowed to swear on your show?”

“There’s something about putting a price on something, and seeing if people will pay you.”

“I don’t know anyone who’s running a software business, who’s started in the last couple of years, who are making a lot of money. I didn’t realize that at first. It takes a long time to build up the product, to where it’s good enough. SaaS takes a long time.”

“Your mailing list is a massive leg up. When I do something now, people find out about it, which is half the battle.”

“Authority is a hugely valuable asset. Do whatever you do best, that will get people the most amount of relevant people aware of what you’re doing.”

“People won’t tell you what they want. I’ve asked people ‘would you pay for this?'”

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