George Newbern Interview


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Today on The Neil Haley Show, Neil Haley will interview George Newbern. George Newbern’s career in film and television has spanned several decades and has shown his immense versatility from his debut in “Designing Women” to ABC’s “Scandal”. He also joined famed television series “Chicago Hope”, “Friends”, “Bull”, “Providence” and “Nip/Tuck”, for regular and recurring roles. In his feature film debut, Newbern starred opposite Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in “Father of the Bride” and reprised his role in “Father of the Bride II”. Newbern’s career also includes a multitude of voiceover roles, including “Justice League”, “Theodore Rex” and “Batman: Gotham Knight”. Newbern has been the voice of Superman in various DC iterations of the iconic superhero.

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