Justin Roberts And Hank Barbe Of Do Good


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Today on The Courageously Broken Podcast, Donna Michaels and Neil Haley will interview Justin Roberts And Hank Barbe Of Do Good. Roberts is a military veteran and founder of Echo Bravo Productions, which focuses on making military-, veteran- and first responder-centered films. The company produced the award-winning documentary NO GREATER LOVE about U.S. military members fighting in Afghanistan. Each episode of DO GOOD explores the work of one organization pitching in to help rebuild its community following a storm that damaged 95% of structures in Lake Charles, Louisiana. All monetized YouTube revenue will support the featured organization. “DO GOOD will change the way charities raise support,” said Hank Barbe, co-host of the series along with Roberts. “By donating 100% of monetized views to the featured charities, we’re allowing people who do not have the means to donate to still make a difference. Everyone can still do good, just by watching and sharing.” Barbe, also a veteran, is the lead singer in the Three Beards Band. Featured organizations include: United Way Cajun Navy Foundation Aerial Recovery Group Compassion Kind Care Help Southwest Louisiana Health Clinic Southwest Louisiana Community Foundation

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