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Today on Living a Legacy, Eric Couch and Neil Haley will interview Kevin Sorbo of The Girl Who Believes In Miracles. Listen to Kevin discuss the importance of family films, the movie, and why he is living a legacy. From a young age, Jaffe always set the bar high for himself. When World War II broke out, he joined the Marine Corps “because I wanted to serve with the toughest and the best.” After the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Jaffe found himself stationed in Nagasaki for nine months helping medical units. After the war, he graduated from Dartmouth College and then received a master’s degree from Columbia University. Jaffe then launched a successful decades-long career in marketing during the “Mad Men” era. By his side through it all was his wife of 72 years, Hope, who passed away last October. But why, when most people at his advanced age are ready to retire from their retirement, would Laurence Jaffe want to start a new career as a filmmaker? “I guess I’ve never been one to look back, only forward. That’s the secret to a full life.” Jaffe’s eternal optimism is evident in his film, THE GIRL WHO BELIEVES IN MIRACLES, about a young girl, Sara, who takes God at His word and prays for people in her small town to be healed. “Both young children and old people possess the same innocent and beautiful quality – they trust. I think that, after the year we’ve all endured, the world needs an uplifting movie like this to give us the capacity to trust once more.” Please visit The movie drops now.

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