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Today on The Dr. Christopher Hall Show, Dr. Hall and Neil Haley will interview Ray J. Ray J will discuss Raycon, and updates on his TV projects. As the world prepares for a post vaccination/post pandemic reality driven by consumer technology and hybrid work environments, RAYCON stands at the forefront of the role affordable wireless tech will play out in years to come. After seeing record growth during the pandemic and doubling their customer base to 2 million users in 10 short months (took 2.5 years to reach 1M), RAYCON’s most recent launch, The Work Earbuds, exemplifies this theory on the future. Retailing for $149 and featuring a 6-microphone system that identifies and diminishes outside sound, active noise cancelling filters to quiet unwanted environmental noise and a magnetic carrying and wireless charging case. The Work Earbuds had a waitlist of over 10,000 days after the launch. Competitors with similar features include the Ultimate Ear Fits ($249), Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ($279.95), Apple AirPods Pro ($249.99), and AU-Stream Hybrid ($189.95).

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