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A call to 610 CKTB on Ford's pump stickers, left, right centre, politicians are all the same, free speech and the Green Party hasn't had a leadership race let alone a conversation or debate SINCE 2006!

The rightwing majority governments get little but my cheers

Even if I am ambivalent about the issue


I have become resigned and cynical

I have resigned to the fact that they are all the same

Blue, red, Orange Left right centre,

Can’t judge the Greens too harshly

They haven’t had a leadership conversation since I ran for leader 2006

The party of democracy EFM is a one woman party

politicians have only themselves and their friends to worry about

re-election and Benjamin runs the world

For the whiners, pissers and moaners

This is what happens when you have false majority governments

Free speech is most important to me,

it stokes my passion when I see censorship

especially when it’s not evenhanded

Minority governments work better for the people

Suck it up, eat it and enjoy

Pump Stickers, Politics, Free Speech, The Greens, Green Party

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