The Elemental Diet with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 74


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If you’re looking for relief from SIBO have you considered doing the Elemental Diet? Rebecca’s SIBO has returned and she’s determined to find a quick and effective solution that will hopefully bring lasting relief from her symptoms. Join Rebecca this week as she talks about what the Elemental Diet entails, how it works and how, as a foodie, she’s managing the mindset of a liquid diet. If you’ve ever considered following the Elemental Diet this is a must listen! Follow Rebecca’s journey day by day on YouTube.

✓ What is the Elemental Diet?

✓ When would you use an Elemental Diet?

✓ Why you might decide to follow an Elemental Diet

✓ What’s not in an Elemental Diet

✓ How to use the Elemental Diet

✓ The different ways to use the Elemental Diet

✓ Why preparation is so important prior to commencing the Elemental Diet

✓ Why you still need to address any other underlying conditions related to your SIBO

✓ Coping strategies and mindset during the Elemental Diet

✓ Reintroduction of food after the Elemental Diet

✓ Contraindications and concerns with the Elemental Diet

✓ The surprising benefits of the Elemental Diet

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