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Yogis! I get really excited about everyone I have on the podcast, and today I’m extra excited to interview Jai Uttal. He is THE MAN! The man of Bhakti Yoga and a Grammy nominated singer and composer. Jai plays a ton of instruments and is extremely gifted in his craft. We discuss various topics including what Bhakti yoga is and how it benefits your life. Jai shares that in the Bhakti yoga practice we are directed to sit the emotional fire and feel that pain as well as our joy. Rather than try and run away from challenge, feel it and breathe. We also chatted about his Online Kirtan Camp, which is a rich journey through the inspirational art of Kirtan, or devotional chanting. Registration for his camp ends soon, and if you’re thinking about signing up, just DO IT because his energy and wisdom can’t be missed. Jai is an incredible human. His music is beautiful, his offerings are inspirational, and he is a bright shining light. You guys are totally going to enjoy this episode. Listen now!

ONLINE KIRTAN CAMP: The Art & Practice of Kirtan with Jai Uttal

Register Here --> https://house-of-bhakti.jaiuttal.com/

Follow Jai on Instagram: @jaiuttal

Jai’s Website: https://jaiuttal.com/

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