It Begins! # 1005 (Ep 1005)


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In this episode I address the key takeaways from President Trump’s speech last night on Orlando. I also address the latest example of grotesque media hypocrisy about the Trump administration. Finally I cover the latest revelation in the Spygate case and a disingenuous story about the Secret Service.
News Picks:Video of my Jiu Jitsu segment on Fox and Friends.

Sick liberals hurl racist insults at this Fox News contributor.

Government-run healthcare is synonymous with rationing. More evidence in this piece.

AOC’s ignorance of history is astonishing.

AOC’s absurd “concentration camp” comment is exposed by this 2014 Reuters piece.

Shock poll reveals AOC doomed in her own district.

Former Hillary Clinton aide contradicts the story of a key Hillary aide.

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