Why Is This Republican Attacking Trump # 976 (Ep 976)


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In this episode I address the incredibly suspicious texts between FBI personnel who appear to be attempting to insert a spy into the Trump White House. I also address the unbelievable attack on Don Trump Jr. by a sell out Republican Senator. Finally, I address liberal myths about the midterm elections and voter ID.

News Picks:PA principal will no longer say “God Bless America” after the Pledge of Allegiance.

Stunning new information shows that the government knew the Steele information was political.

Democrats continue to lie about “voter suppression” in an effort to divide America. The facts tell a different story.

Bob Mueller’s sorry excuse for airing his bogus “obstruction” charges in his report don’t hold water.

The Trump administration goes to war with national injunctions.

So-called “journalists” once mocked contempt of Congress charges when they were brought against Obama’s Attorney General.

Fake news media folks are frauds when it comes to contempt of Congress charges.

Victor Davis Hanson’s piece destroys the left’s hypocrisy on AG Barr.

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