The Savage Nation - 2/13/18


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​​​Building on yesterday's program, by now you’ve seen the Presidential portrait of Barack Obama and the one of first Lady Michelle. To say they are out of the ordinary is the ultimate understatement. But to say the artists who painted these portraits are radical leftists that walk the same path as the Obamas when it comes to America is not a stretch by any means. These portraits were painted as they were and by who they were purposely to stir up emotions and offend Americans. Race is an obsession with Barack and Michelle Obama, not identifying as Americans, nor acknowledging the things that make America great; such as the ability of an individual to pursue their passions and rise as high as they can on their own merits because they have the freedom to do so. This is a foreign concept to the Obamas who not only look at America through racially tinged glasses, but who acted upon those divisions when the held the highest office in the land. This is reflected in the artists they chose to capture their inner essence on canvas. One of the artists was making some sort of racial statement or threat with beheaded white women and the other works in the style of communist artists from the 80's. ​We're seeing the death of a nation, Pastor insists he was merely counseling a naked man whom cops found bound with nylon rope in a parked car on a residential street, saying, “I have nothing to hide.”​ Why is CNN praising North Korea? Should Jeff Zucker from CNN be charged with sedition? NY Times CEO says print journalism will be dead in 10 years. Does anyone still read newspapers? Facebook is being abandoned, users now tapping out after 20 minutes rather than 3 hours. Why are people leaving Facebook? Has Facebook become too much for you to deal with? Savage visits his Twitter page to see what posts get the biggest responses from the audience. The top attention grabber is Teddy. List of criminal aliens who were released and what they did after being let out of jail. The corrupt politicians letting them go free will eventually find themselves in jail for violating federal immigration law. Bibi Netanyahu under fire in Israel, Savage says it's time for a fresh face to become Prime Minister. Savage orders lunch from his assistant on the air ... what did he go with? Savage discusses environmentalism and its importance, it's not a partisan issue, we should all care.

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