Campaign "Spying" & the Ways and Means of Power (with Bob Caro)


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On this week’s episode of Stay Tuned, "Campaign 'Spying' & the Ways and Means of Power," host Preet Bharara answers your questions about:

-- Barr’s testimony that the Justice Department would review “both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign,” including potential “spying.”

-- Barr’s decision not to use summaries prepared by the Special Counsel’s Office, and the revelation that Mueller was offered but declined to review Barr’s summary.

-- Barr's decision not to seek a court order to make grand jury evidence public.

-- The President’s purge of top leadership at the Department of Homeland Security, and the concerns over a cabinet filled with “Acting” officials.

-- And, Preet’s road to becoming a podcaster and an author.

Bob Caro, the two-time Pulitzer-Prize winning author whose biographies of Robert Moses and LBJ double as studies of political power, joins Preet to kick off a special Stay Tuned series of conversations with writers about their craft, their lives, and life lessons. Caro’s new book is called Working.

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