Iowa & The State of Disunion (with John Dickerson)


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On this week’s episode of Stay Tuned, “Iowa & The State of Disunion,” Preet answers your questions about:

  • The future of the Iowa Caucuses
  • Whether the House can re-open the impeachment inquiry into President Trump
  • How elections should bear on impeachment
  • Situations where the guilty are acquitted

The guest this week is John Dickerson. He is a correspondent for 60 Minutes, contributing editor to The Atlantic, and an author. Dickerson is also a co-host of Slate’s Political Gabfest and Whistlestop podcasts.

As always, tweet your questions to @PreetBharara with hashtag #askpreet, email us at, or call 669-247-7338 to leave a voicemail.

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