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April 26, 2005. Durham, North Carolina. 30 year old Raven Abaroa returns home after a soccer game to find his wife slumped over on the floor in their home. At first he was not alarmed as she would often do this when she had cramps. But when he got close to her, he could see that his wife, 25 year old Janet Abaroa, was covered in blood and appeared to be deceased. The couple's 6 month old son was found unharmed in his room. Investigators did not suspect that robbery was a motive in the crime so they began to look at the people in her life. It took nearly five years for authorities to arrest their suspect: Raven Abaroa. The investigation had turned up a number of troubling red flags about him, but would they have enough evidence to bring Janet's killer to justice? Raven claimed to have an alibi for the time of the murder and said that he had witnesses to prove it.

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