PodCTL Basics - What is Kubernetes?


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Brian and Tyler discuss the basics of Kubernetes.
Show Notes:

Segment 1 - What is Kubernetes?
  • Technology that spawned from Google’s internal “Borg” system for running application in containers.
  • Open source project donated to the CNCF in 2015.
  • Open source community of 1500+ engineers working on various sub-projects that make up the Kubernetes system.

Segment 2 - How does Kubernetes work?
  • etcd
  • Kubernetes API
  • Kubernetes scheduler
  • Kubelet on each worker machine
  • Controllers

Segment 3 - What’s the relationship between Kubernetes and Containers?
  • Containers describe what application bits run on a machine
  • Kubernetes is the framework that places containers on machines and ensures that the containers run in a well-defined manner (start/stop, highly available, load-balanced, etc.)

Segment 4 - Are there alternative technologies that work similar to Kubernetes?
  • Kubernetes is ultimately a framework that schedules containers
  • Mesos Marathon
  • Docker Swarm
  • Nomad from Hashicorp
  • Lots of homegrown, DIY systems, mostly based on scripting

Segment 5 - How can a company get Kubernetes or use Kubernetes?
  • Use the Open source software from the Kubernetes community
  • Use commercially available distributions of Kubernetes from multiple vendors
  • Consume Kubernetes-as-a-Service from multiple cloud providers


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