#77 Acing the Data Science Interview


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As we enter the new year—it seems like we’re telescoping into the future of work. Companies embracing remote work, the great resignation putting pressure on teams to create more fulfilling roles—signals an expanding opportunity for applicants to find their dream roles in data science, but also for hiring managers to create awesome candidate experiences.

Today’s guests, Nick Singh, and Kevin Huo, authors of Ace The Data Science Interview, discuss how aspiring data scientists and data scientists can stand out from their crowd—and what hiring managers need to change to win over talent today.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How to wow recruiters and hiring managers with your resume
  • The type of skills aspiring data scientists need to show on the job hunt
  • The value of direct email over job listings
  • What recruiters and hiring managers need to change in an evolving job market

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