#93 How Data Science Drives Value for Finance Teams


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Building data science functions has become tables takes for many organizations today. However, before data science functions were needed, the finance function acted as the insights layer for many organizations over the past. This means that working in finance has become an effective entry point into data science function for professionals across all spectrums.

Brian Richardi is the Head of Finance Data Science and Analytics at Stryker, a medical equipment manufacturing company based in Michigan, US. Brian brings over 14 years of global experience to the table. At Stryker, Brian leads a team of data scientists that use business data and machine learning to make predictions for optimization and automation.

In this episode, Brian talks about his experience as a data science leader transitioning from Finance, how he utilizes collaboration and effective communication to drive value, how leads the data science finance function at Stryker, and what the future of data science looks like in the finance space, and more.

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