Sales Tax Audit Horror Stories: Episode 2


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Sales tax audits happen all the time. If you haven’t been under a sales tax audit yet it is only a matter of time. Dan has seen countless numbers of audits and his fair share of sales tax horror stories. We make it our business to make sure that you and your company can avoid a horror story. In this episode, Dan covers what horrors he has seen with sales tax if you use Quickbooks software.
Additional Questions Answered:

How are companies contacted once a state decides to audit them?

Do they make it clear that they are under audit or is it pretty vague?

How far in advance do they tell you about the sales tax audit?

Can I postpone a sales tax audit?

What kind of information do they want in a sales tax audit?

How long do audits last?

How much are sales tax audit assessments typically?

After the audit is complete, will that state ever audit me again?
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