179: Philip Nation; Disciple Making Disciplines For Gospel Centered Student Ministry


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In this warm and wise interview episode with Dr. Philip Nation we examine what it means to make disciples. You are going to love the wit and wisdom that takes shape in the next 45 minutes.
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About Dr. Philip Nation.
"It takes solid volunteer leaders: My volunteer leader Matthew shaped how personal the faith journey could be for me."

  • “It’s difficult, that’s the youth ministry”
  • “I need you to fix my kid. That is one of those memories that hang with you. That a parent would just want you to step into the boundaries of their child’s life”
  • “There are parents that feel like they are drowning. Parents feel this way because they have never been discipled themselves.
  • The Discipleship Deficit
  • “We are living in a generation where parents are having to parent and learn the technology.”
  • We are not living in a culture crisis we are living in a church crisis.
  • Disciple making is a spiritual discipline.
  • What are you trying to create? An Evangelical version of an amish community. .. Pepperoni and Purity.
  • Being a fully formed follower of Jesus is possible as a teenager.
  • “Youth ministry is more than meeting the immediate discomfort with immediate correction."
  • “We are just trying to play the substitution game to stitch together a “fix quilt”
  • “Youth ministry is more than solving this week’s problem.”
  • What is the good medicine for youth in your youth ministry?
  • Be willing to an honest evaluation of where you are right now.
  • "Some of you in ministry are alone because you are all alone, you never invited anyone else: coach, mentor, guide in to lead you. They need to know that you need them.”

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  • 3 Bad Models of Discipleship
  • 1. Plastic Christianity: Pain-Free
  • 2. Knowledge Transfer Ministry: Making jeopardy contestants about Jesus-following. the Bible is open, but the questions are closed. They are answering the questions of a previous generation.
  • 3. Behavior Modification: Keep time of doing the same good things.
  • How are we going to deepen the good news of the Gospel in the lives of young people?
  • Students need to live with an eternal perspective.
  • “You can’t operate by metrics that your seniors leadership rejects.”
  • You might be thinking in a different way than you senior pastor, which is okay, youth ministers are typically rogues and rebels, but you need to talk about the formation of those metrics and what you are working together to measure.
  • The metrics that you value. The system of your ministry is perfectly designed to get the results you are getting. If you want different results you are going to have to retrofit the system.
  • How are we building biblical hospitality into the lives of students?
  • Are you training the adults who are volunteering and leading in your ministry to the ways and measures of success in your ministry? Are you inviting those leaders into your home?
  • How will you ignite the spiritual imaginations for students in your ministry and church?

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