Dr. Emilia Thompson: Mindful Eating, Food Relationships & Issues impacting Female Coaches


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This week I'm joined again by Dr Emilia Thompson. Emilia is a registered Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition Lecturer and Online Coach.
In the episode we discuss:
- Mindful Eating VS Intuitive Eating: The differences between each approach and what each one focuses on.
- The 3 fundamental principles of Intuitive eating.
- Why Emilia focuses on changing the language used with certain foods to improve the relationship with food.
- Why phone dependency is becoming a limiting behaviour for people wishing to progress away from tracking their food.
- The power of gratitude, journalling and self-compassion.
We finish the podcast off by touching on the very important topics of sexual harassment, body shaming, body positivity, feminism, healthy at any size and how these can impact a female coach.
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