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In this week's episode I'm joined by Tim and Jacko from the School of Calisthenics. Tim and Jacko are highly experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches who put out a tonne of education and content about Calisthenics and Bodyweight Training.
In this episode we discuss:
- Why Tim and Jacko both started Calisthenics Training and how this lead to them start the School of Calisthenics.
- The benefits of Calisthenic Training and where people should start on their Calisthenics journey.
- Which approach is better for someone wanting to Training Calisthenics: An Integrated approach combining Calisthenic and Weights or going all in on Calisthenics only Training.
- How Tim and Jacko keep motivation high with Calisthenic Trainees when the journey to achieving a specific movement can be a long one.
- The different ways Tim and Jacko achieve progressive overload with Calisthenic movements and the special equipment they have to assist with movement regressions.
- How to get started on the path to mastering the "sexy" movements such as the Muscle Up, Human Flag and Front & Back Lever.
- Why play is so important when it comes to Fun, problem solving and even injury rehab.
This was an absolutely killer episode from Tim and Jacko. They shared their knowledge and personal self-taught journeys through the world of calisthenics and showed just why they're so successful with coaching and educating people on these movements.
Instagram: @schoolofcalisthenics

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