#188 - Ryan Ferguson (No Knife)


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Today, we welcome guitarist and singer from Ryan Ferguson from the band No Knife. I had Mitch Wilson (the other half of the guitar vocals of No Knife) on episode 153 and today, we welcome in Ryan. We talk a lot about his music both solo and No Knife, the scene, and I sorta didn’t realize but I read a super low Pitchfork review of one of his solo albums that Ryan never knew they reviewed or read it. So I read the review and you’ll hear how that turned out. If you haven’t heard No Knife or Ryan’s solo stuff, give it a try. An absolute unique sound and their records never sound old to me whenever they come on… No Knife were one of the best bands ever to come out of San Diego and I’m so happy Ryan spent some time to chat about it

EDIT: 3/1/21: Not Ken Griffey, Jr. it was Barry Larkin. Ken Griffey Jr. played for the Mariner’s farm system which was a few years later.

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