#164: Coffee Leaf Tea? Max Rivest of Wize Monkey


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What is coffee leaf tea?
A smooth-tasting infusion made from the leaves of the coffee plant, coffee leaf tea is simple to brew, is light in caffeine, and has a variety of potential health benefits.
Max Rivest, co-founder of Wize Monkey, explains how coffee leaf tea solves the problem of the seasonality of coffee production, providing year-round work for coffee farm employees, and why you should add it to your morning routine.
Key takeaways:

  • After overdosing on caffeine from coffee, Max Rivest decided to take a break from coffee and discovered coffee leaf tea
  • The original way to consume the coffee plant in Ethiopia was to drink tea from the leaves rather than roasting the beans
  • There are many potential health benefits to coffee leaf tea, and it is much lower in caffeine than coffee
  • Coffee leaf tea is sustainable: it provides a solution to the seasonal nature of the coffee industry because the leaves can be harvested during the off season


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