Episode 051: Special VFR Snowpocalypse


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Episode 51 Show Notes

Opening Chit Chat about snowpocolypse in the TRIAD area. Thank you, @avgeekandrew for the great picture.

Topic of the show 5:42

“ER” asked about Special VFR: “There is one thing that is still a mystery: SVFR. When\How do you grant this magical clearance? What kind of magic do you possess to let me skim clouds in reduced visibility situations without the risk of hitting other things? How does ATC treat a SVFR aircraft?”

AG and RH use the JO 7110.65X and the AIM to break down the topic and answer his questions. Check out this great article on SVFR from boldmethod.

Feedback 24:12

1. Audio from DW. Thank you, DW.

2. Question about visual approaches from Romeo Kilo. Thank you, RK.

3. Follow up feedback from JB about the airshow practice near large buildings in Australia. Skip to minute 2:00 to see the C17 climbing near an apartment building. The first video (warning: explicit language) he sent was from the perspective of a resident of the apartment building and the C17 got very close. Thank you, JB!

4. Question from AV about medical requirements with a history of strokes. Helpful links: “Tips for getting your medical back after suffering a stroke” by Warren Silberman. From the FAA website: SPECIFICATIONS FOR NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS FOR POTENTIAL NEUROCOGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT. Or visit AMAS ; your trusted source for confidential risk-free assistance with the FAA medical certification process. Thank you, AV!

Question of the Week/Month 47:28

For the pilots out there, tell us who your aviation role model was before you made the leap and got your training? Was it a family member, movie star, or the pilot that flew your first commercial flight?

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