Episode 052: Christmas Special


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Opposing Bases Air Traffic Talk!
Opening Chit Chat; Happy Birthday Golf Charlie!

Topic of the show: Feedback 10:25

1. “CM” from Alaska, a frequent contributor, asked about working military traffic. RH and AG discussed the USAF C-32. Check it out here. Thank you, CM!

2. “SP” sent in feedback about fix names. Check out the Tidioute VORTAC.

3. First Officer “TW” sent in questions about tours in the tower/tracon and what controllers do for wellness checks.

4. MG sent in pre feedback feedback about Patreon, specifically asking us to check out UHH YEAH DUDE. If you think Patreon is a good idea for Opposing Bases Air Traffic Talk, stay tuned. We are discussing rolling this out soon.
5. Read a review from Brandon at Podcasting on a Plane. Thank you for the kind words, BG. Do you want to ask us a question? Send us feedback and you may end up on the show. Check out Episode 33 where BG and RH interview each other about the profession and our similar paths to ATC.

6. BL sent in some questions about coordination, specifically “appreqs” and “point outs”. AG and RH role play and discuss how we coordinate with adjacent controllers in house. BL is a VATSIM controller. Check out the site. Thank you, BL!

7. “Joe the Airbus Guy”, a frequent contributor, sent in follow up feedback about Episode 49 "My Gums Tingle". Thank you, Joe! Check out Joe’s twitter feed!

Question of the Week/Month 57:21

We have feedback in the hopper related to air traffic controller training, specifically at a busy tower when the controller working was in training and the training controller had to step in and over key the trainee. Do any of you have a story where you could tell someone was training? What happened? A funny meme, click here. 58:20

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from OBATT!
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