Episode 055: International Pizza Party


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Episode 55 Show Notes

Topic of the show: Thank you for the kind words of support during the shutdown! Today, we discuss: Transponders, SVFR, Drones, and more!

Errors/Timely feedback

  1. We clear up the error made in Episode 54 regarding transponder usage before takeoff. The AIM is clear: “Transponder and ADS-B operations on the ground. Civil and military aircraft should operate with the transponder in the altitude reporting mode (consult the aircraft’s flight manual to determine the specific transponder position to enable altitude reporting) and ADS-B Out transmissions enabled (if equipped) at all airports, any time the aircraft is positioned on any portion of an airport movement area. This includes all defined taxiways and runways.” Transponder SAFO provided by Max Trescott. Thanks, Max!
  2. RK is a frequent contributor to the show and we value his input. RH implied RK would respond about AG and RH butchering the transponder modes during Episode 54. Thank you for clearing it up and we appreciate your help!
  3. We address one more question from HM about Special VFR from Episode 51. Thank you, HM!
  4. SF sent in a link to Letters to Airmen. He also said he was going to ask the Foreflight team about incorporating the data in their flight planning software. Thank you, SF!


  1. LPE sent in audio about drones. Thank you LPE! Here is a link to the story he wanted us to read about drones in London. Are you thinking about flying a drone? Check out the FAA guidance on Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  2. LF sent in a great question about transiting different airspace while under VFR flight following. Great question, LF! Thank you! We found a great article at boldmethod.com about VFR flight following, specific to LF’s question.
  3. MD asked if we ever envision America adopting a metric system.

Question of the Week/Month

We are still looking for stories about your aviation hero. Who inspired you to enter this field? And we are also waiting on more stories from pilots about air traffic controller training. Did “the voice” ever key over the trainee and fix a situation? What happened?

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