Episode 061: Family Flight Night


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Episode 61 Show Notes

Topic of the show:

Delta Whiskey sent in some questions regarding a recent show on the Aviation News Talk podcast, hosted by Max Trescott. During their discussion about ForeFlight, Master CFI Gary Reeves made some remarks relevant to air traffic and we try to relate them to the TRIAD. RH and AG also discuss filing IFR flight plans, alternates, weather minimums required at your destination, and good practices using arrival and departure procedures. Thanks for the great questions, DW!

Special thank you to Max Trescott for allowing us to use some of his audio for our show. Check out his podcast: Aviation News Talk. It’s a must listen for anyone that loves aviation!

Timely Feedback:

  1. Delta Zulu is getting used to his new initials for the show.
  2. Bravo Papa sent in a kind correction to an error made in Episode 60. Thank you, BP!
  3. India Mike, a controller in Australia, is a new listener and sent in a collection of feedback. Thank you, IM!
  4. Bravo Juliet sent in a thanks regarding our response to his feedback regarding lost communications with ATC. Thank you, BJ!


  1. RH2 sent in questions for the show. Thank you, RH2! What flight was she talking about?
  2. Delta Hotel sent in comments about the hosts and their values. Thanks, DH!
  3. Captain Nick sent in an audio question about drones. Don’t miss his 3 part series on “Speedbird 38” on his show: Plane Tales. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Well done, sir! If you haven't heard this amazing production, check it out now!


Recently ranked in Cutting Dynamics top aviation blogs: "Tales From The Terminal" blog! Great work @Jen_Niffer!

Flying and Life podcast! Check it out!

ForeFlight electronic flight bag; an amazing product!

Question of the Week/Month

Trivia for the instrument pilots out there: Can you file an IFR flight plan to an airport without an instrument approach procedure? What considerations must be made regarding an alternate?

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Have a great week and thanks for listening!

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