OB71: Potomac Approach (PCT), Part 2


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Topic of the show: AG and RH continue the discussion about the complex Potomac Approach airspace. Thank you, DV at PCT.

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OB70 Feedback:

  1. Patron MEH feedback about OB70. Link to article provided by DV.
  2. Patron Kilo Lima was featured in an episode of Aviation News Talk .
  3. CFI Mike” provides a reminder about monitoring guard in the SFRA.
  4. Golf Sierra explains general aviation flying in the FRZ.
  5. Juliet Delta audio on the FRZ requirements. Thank you!
  6. Patron Bravo Foxtrot asked about the upcoming airshow in the SFRA.

Timely Feedback:

  1. Patron Juliet Romeo sent in feedback about 14 CFR Part 61.133.
  2. “Ned ATC” sent in feedback about radar and non-radar separation related to OB69.
  3. Patron Bravo Foxtrot sent in feedback about busy airports and GA flying. Mentioned Fighter Pilot Podcast.


  1. Hotel Golf sent us her class assignment about Minimum Vectoring Altitudes. Thank you, HG! And a special invite to the University of Dubuque aviation students to send us your feedback! “Map Overload” episode.
  2. From Nathalie. OB means Opposing Bases!
  3. Foxtrot Foxtrot from Frozen Center asked for advice on becoming a pilot!

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