Episode 14 - Education Options: Can it ALL be Upside Down? Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith


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Homeschool, Christian private schools, public education: Which method do you choose? We had so much left to discuss about education, we recorded a PART 2 to Episode 13. We hope to model what it looks like to have thoughtful conversations with people who have landed different places -- and how we can trust the Holy Spirit to work in others' lives. We chat about how saying "yes" to whichever educational method we choose is saying "no" to something else. We discuss how we supplement our individual educational choices based on our family's priorities and principles. We also talk about what we love about our current choices, and times when we've felt judged for the choices we've made. Lindsy Wallace hosts with Kristi James, Kayla Craig, Shannon Evans, and Lori Harris.
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