Episode 30 - All The Small Things: Smallness in God's Kingdom - Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith


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Does big equal better in God's upside-down Kingdom? Join us as we dive into what God says about all the small things in this episode of Upside Down Podcast. Where does grace factor in as we determine our worth and our actions in God's Kingdom? We dive into inspiration from Henri Nouwen and Mother Theresa (and touch on quotes Christian culture tends to appropriate). We discuss the ever-so-dicy topic of Christian platforms, and land on God breaking into our earth as a baby born to a poor girl among animals and hay, asking what this teaches us about smallness in God's Kingdom. How do we guard against the temptation to value the sexy missions or platforms that tend to lead us to miss the daily callings God has given us? We discuss missions, mega churches, and ministry impact as we look into the advent season. Shannon Evans hosts with Kayla Craig and Lindsy Wallace.
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