Episode 38 - Parenting: Raising Upside Down Kids


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What does it look like to raise upside down kids and be intentional parents in God's Kindom? Are the Beatitudes just for people who aren’t too busy? Was Jesus addressing only non-parents? How can social ministry and family ministry enrich each other In this episode, we talk about how we can preach the Gospel within and through our own families, and how we can include our children in our actions for justice. Kayla Craig leads the conversation with co-hosts Shannon Evans and Lindsy Wallace. In this episode, we: Talk about how we can focus on our parenting goals for our children -- and how those manifest in our decisions; Share how we create family community; Discuss how we can teach and model multiculturalism and nontraditional gender roles in our families; Share six basic principles for family involvement in social action; and Talk how we approach some practical aspects of family life. Join us as we discuss concrete ways of living and parenting that transform Kingdom values into everyday adventures of prayer and action. Resources & recommended reading: The Blessed Is She prayer journal for kids “Parenting for Peace and Justice” by Kathleen and James McGinnis “Never Say No: Raising Big Picture Kids” by Mark and Jan Foreman
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