Episode 47 - Consumerism and God's Kingdom (Featuring Special Guests Shannan Martin and Ashley Hales!)


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Consumption! Capitalism! Consumerism! Christmas! We’re hitting pause and engaging the heart of consumption, capitalism, consumerism and most importantly, the heart of Christmas. What does it mean to celebrate the birth of Jesus, a poor kid from Nazareth who learned his father’s trade and had nowhere to lay his head? Ashley Hales and Shannan Martin join us as we ask: How do we opt out of the glitz and glitter around us to make space in our homes for the baby Messiah born in a manger?

Shannan Martin, author of “The Ministry of Ordinary Places,” is a speaker, blogger, wife, and mom of four. Ashley Hales is a writer, speaker, pastor’s wife, and mother of four. She is the author of “Finding Holy in the Suburbs: Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much.” Ashley and Shannan join Kayla Craig and Lindsy Wallace for a conversation about staying Christ-centered in a season of excess.

In this episode, we:

  • Share how the life of Christ influences our approach to celebrating the Christmas holiday;
  • Discuss whether modern capitalism is compatible with Christian living;
  • Share how we mindfully engage in gift-giving; and
  • Think about how we can emulate the life of Christ as consumers.

Join us as we discuss how we can celebrate Christmas in a capitalistic society while emulating the life of Jesus.

Recommended reading & resources:

  • “Finding Holy in the Suburbs” by Ashley Hales
  • “The Ministry of Ordinary Places” and “Falling Free” by Shannan Martin
  • The Pray as You Go app and podcast
  • Shannan Martin’s 12 Ways of Christmas
  • Adventconspiracy.org and @adventconspiracy
  • The Blessed is She Advent devotional
  • Walter Brueggeman’s two Advent devotionals
  • Listen to our conversation on ethical fashion with Lauren Pinkston of Wearthy (episode #32).

News, Notes, and Links:

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